Application Areas

Working areas which are coated with Dr. Schutz Sealers, in which higher requirements for slip-safety have to be met, on account of dust and liquids falling on the floor. Limited recommended for structured floorings. In case of questions, please consult our advice on technical applications.


With Dr. Schutz PU Sealer / Waxnomor or PU Anticolor / Marknomor in a two-coat application:
The floor must be professionally prepared before applying the lacquer (pay attention to our Technical Information „Preparation of subsurfaces“). Carefully add Antislip Additive to the lacquer in a mix-ratio of 12.5:1 (440 g on 5l base lacquer) according to the weight of the lacquer and stir thoroughly. Then carefully stir in Crosslinker M. Apply the sealer mixture evenly with the Aquatop-Roller, covering the floor with approx. 50 ml/m². During application,
pay constant attention to the even distribution of the Antislip Additive in the lacquer-tray. After drying, but not longer than 12 hours later, apply the sealer without Antislip Additive evenly a second time, again using approx. 50ml/m².

Drying Time:
Drying times are specified, depending on the respective sealers.

Product Information & Consumption

ca. 4 g/m²

Technical Data

Contained substances: ceramic powder.
voc (g/l) 0
ADR/RID: not a dangerous good as defined by transport regulations.
CLP: labelling not necessary.
Emptied canisters can be disposed of in household waste, or taken to a recycling centre.

Unit size

440 gr bottle

Art. No. 40000440 - 16

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