Care tips for Wood, Cork and Parquet

What do I use to remove stubborn stains and remains of care products from my parquet/wood floor?

What can I use to freshen up my older wood/parquet floor again?

Which product is suitable for maintenance cleaning of wood/parquet and cork floors?

How can I remove stains from my wood/parquet or cork?

What do I use to clean and care for my white oiled wood/parquet floor?

How does it happen that streaks and stripes appear after applying the initial care coat of Wood+Cork Shine/Matt?

Over the course of many year a wood/parquet floor was freshened up using Wood+Cork Shine. Now it looks rather neglected?

How can I remove stains from laminate?

What can I do against stripes and streaks on my laminate?

An oiled floor looks grey after a certain time. Why is that?