Application Areas

Suitable for maintenance cleaning and care, and basic cleaning of oiled wooden and cork floors. For use in domestic living areas and in buildings. Not recommended for floors sealed with water-based lacquers.
In specially requested cases euku care-emulsion can also be used for the Scandinavian soap-technique.


The floor must be pre-cleaned of loose dirt with a broom or vacuum-cleaner. Regularly wipe up fine dirt, dust or water-soluble deposits with a slightly damp mop or cloth. For this pour 0,1-0,2 l euku care-emulsion in approx. 10 l warm water. At the same time as cleaning, the floor is given substances for its care. Avoid applying too much water, generally use as little water as possible on wood floors.
Please also pay attention to our Cleaning and Care Instructions.
When used for basic cleaning, increase the diluon to a ratio of 1:10. Begin by mopping the floor with the solution; after allowing it to soak in for a short time (5 minutes) rub down the floor vigorously while wet (e.g. scrubbing brush or Monodisc/green pad), vacuum off the dirty solution and mop the floor clean with clear water. Ventilate well to accelerate the removal of the water!
After basic cleaning, or when the floor has been severely worn down by use and cleaning, the floor must be subsequently oiled. For this purpose we recommend euku care-oil (wax-free) or euku refresher (contains wax).

Product Information & Consumption


0,1-0,2 l diluted in 10 l warm water. In this ratio 5-10 applications per litre.

Drying time:

Can be used and walked on after the water has dried.


Store in a cool, dry place. Can be stored for 24 months in unopened canister, from the date of production. Keep out of the reach of children.

Technical Data

Contains substances: water, rape-seed-oil soap, ethanol, glycerine, rape-seed-oil, potassium citrate, fragrance.
pH-value: ~9
GISCODE: GE20 / voc (g/l) 78 (ISO11890).
Not hazardous material. Not obliged to be labelled according to the regulations GefStoffV. Even when using low-pollutant products, the usual safety measures are to be observed. Keep out of the reach of children. Emptied canisters can be disposed of in domestic waste.

Professional users please also pay attention to our Safety Data Sheets.


Unit size

1 litre bottle

Art. No. 018200 - 0100

2,5 l canister

Art. No. 018200 - 2590