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euku premium hardwax oil+

Layer-forming oil based on vegetable oils for easy care surfaces with a natural appearance. Increased water resistance., Dries to a natural matt finish, Easy to apply with a roller. Quick-drying. Good penetration properties, elastic film.


euku oil 2 plus FS

Natural oil wax | Combination for wood and cork floors in residential and commercial areas.


Master Hardwax Oil

Hard wax oil. Based on modified alkyd resins and natural oils and waxes. Quick-drying, layer building sealer for sanded wood and parquet floors. Matt finish. To be applied by roller. Good penetration, elastic film. Emphasizes the wood grain.


Master Oil

Deep impregnation based on natural oil. Does not form a film and gives natural open pored characteristic. Solvent free, easy to apply. Optional in professional application; can be used with Master OilPlus in a 2-component process. Provides improved wear resistance and better oil drying properties. Can be lacquered on top with Master Coat. Due to its high penetration it creates an especially hard-wearing floor.


euku color oil

Natural coloured oil | Based for wood and cork floors. Ready-to-use formula.


euku oil 1 FS

Pure natural Impregnation | Oil for wood and cork floors in residential and commercial areas.


euku care oil

Natural maintenance for oiled floors | Without waxes.


Master Oil PLUS

Reactive coating


euku premium nature add

Optional system components to add to euku premium hardwax oil +. Reduces wood grain enhancement giving the appearance “like untreated“. - Mixing ratio 10:1 - Fluid product for easy handling. - Effective results.


euku premium antislip R10 add

Optional system component for adding to euku premium hardwax oil +. Additive providing structure for increased slip resistant safety. - Mixture ratio 1:10 - Liquid compound for easy handling. - Effective in result. - Slip resistance class R10 according to BGR 181 and DIN 51130.


euku master FS

Reactive coating | Makes the highest valency of euku oil 1 FS, euku oil 2 plus FS, euku-coloroil 2 part oils.


Master Refresher

Refresher for oxidative impregnated-oiled floors. Follow-up impregnation based on natural oils and waxes for the care treatment of floors in private residences and public buildings. Preserves the natural surface, optimizes its hard-wearing capability, for spot-cleaning and touching up, highly water repellent.


Master Coat Base & Top satin

Water-based lacquer for wood floors. Single component for normal wear in living areas, or optionally in a 2-component process with Master CoatPlus for heavy-duty professional applications. Low odor with reduced emissions, easy to apply, resistant against household chemicals.



Pad normal in white, red, green, black an beige. Diameter of 410 mm.


euku classic lye conditioner

Lye | Classic Scandinavian pre-treatment of coniferous woods before oiling.


Master Coat Base & Top mat

Water-based lacquer for wood floors. Single component for normal wear in living areas, or optionally in a 2-component process with Master CoatPlus for heavy-duty professional applications. Low odor with reduced emissions, easy to apply, resistant against household chemicals.


euku oak antique conditioner

Lye for woods containing tannic acid | Pre-treatment before oiling in order to achieve an antique effect.


euku care emulsion

Maintenance emulsion | For oiled wood floors. Based on natural oils.


strato nature 484

Two-component special waterbased lacquer for the natural appearance of the wood floor „like untreated“, mat, micro rough, without color enhancement. Direct application without primer. Highly resistant to heavy wear. Especially low odour. For use by professionals.


euku oak iron conditioner

Lye for woods containing tannic acid | Pre-treatment before oiling in order to blacken the tannic acid.


Handball Wax Remover

The solution for the partial renovation of scratches and stress whitening on PVC Designfloors and other resilient floor coverings. Includes the PU Repair Spray for restoring the surface after fine scratches, the PU Repair Pen for mending deep scratches, as well as a complete package of accessories with instructions for use. Optimal matching of the gloss grade on modern Design floors.


strato perform 461 / 462

Two component water based finish | For heavily frequented areas, especially suitable for sport floors.


Click-Telescopic Pole

High-quality aluminium-Fibreglass-combination wit Click system for the simple and safe connection with the Aquatop Roller brackets, user-friendly 2-component-handle.


euku refresher/ refresher white

After care | Including natural oils and waxes.


Polishing cloth

For polishing and taking up residues of euku refresher and euku maintenance oil.


T wiper

Applicator for euku refresher and euku maintenance oil.


strato extreme 470 / 471 / 472 / 473

Two component water based PU finish | For extremely frequented areas.


strato professional 311 / 312 / 313

Premium one component water based finish | Easy to use, for residential and light commercial areas.


strato trowel prime 220

Primer sealer | For the application with spatula of the optimal primer for parquet and wood floors.


strato easy 301 / 302

One component water based finish | Easy to use, for normally frequented areas, e.g. living areas.


strato natural prime 210

Primer for roller application | Water based primer for all types of wood as well as cork floors, which preserves the natural look of the wood.


Master Fill

Binding agent solution. For the production of grouting paste filler using wood dust. Low emission, solvent-free, waterbased. For general use with all eukula surface treatments.


strato intensive prime 201

NEW FORMULA 2019 !!! For an even more intensive look - especially suitable for exotic wood floors Water-based lacquer primer with intensive enhancement of the wood. Roller primer for wood and cork floors. Reduces side-bonding. Suitable for under-floor heated floors and for all types of wood


strato frost prime 202

Water-based lacquer primer with brightening pigmentation. Roller primer for wood floors of light wood. Gives a cool coloration. Reduces side-bonding. Suitable for under-floor heated floors.


strato amber prime 203

Water-based lacquer primer with honeytoned pigmentation. Roller primer for wood and cork floors. Warm coloration. Reduces sidebonding. Suitable for underfloor heated floors.


Eukula G 200 A Roller Pimer, solvent based

Sealer for wood, parquet and cork floors. Alcohol based, mild in odor. Gives wood a warm color. Blocking primer against interaction with topcoats. Quick drying, reduced wood roughening, reduces edge bonding. Can be used with all eukula and strato sealers.


Abranet Ace 70x198 mm

System relevant sanding materials for the preparation of floors WITHOUT surface structure before the application of PU Sealer products. Ceramic high performance sanding material with extra long service life.