Perfect Solutions for ESD Floors in Healthcare Areas

Specially for use in operation rooms, MRI and shock rooms.

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 And this is how it´s done


Initial situation:

A heavily worn floor with scratches and discolorations. The floor can no longer be cleaned properly and has partially or completely lost its conductivity. In the past such an ESD floor had to be replaced, which led to high costs and long stoppages or interruptions. Now ESD floors in operating theatres, MRI and shock rooms can be renovated easily, quickly and cost-effectively with the ESD Floor System from Dr. Schutz.


Application of transparent or coloured lacquer:

After an intensive strip-cleaning the floor is wet sanded. No dust, dirt, smell or noise are produced. Subsequently the floor is lacquered with either ESD Color Base or directly with ESD MediCoat, according to the wishes of the customer. ESD MediCoat makes it possible to retain the current look of the floor, the protective coat is transparent and conductive. By contrast, ESD Color Base is applied when a new design of the floor is desired and is available in several different colours.


On-Top Coating with ESD MediCoat:

In case ESD Color Base has been applied, the floor is given an additional, extremely durable and chemical resistant on-top coating called ESD MediCoat after a short drying time. This provides long-lasting protection of the floor against new scratches, damage and dirt and ensures that maintenance cleaning is easier and more cost-effective in the long term. At the same time conductivity is retained. ESD MediCoat delays the penetration of staining chemicals into the surface (e.g. disinfectants or products like betadine)



Renovated and protected floor:

Your conductive floor looks like new after renovation with the Dr. Schutz ESD Floor System, is conductive again and optimally protected against new damage by abrasion and chemical substances. And all of this with distinctly lower costs and in the shortest possible time! The coated floor is easier and more eco-friendly to clean in the long term. For perfect maintenance after renovation  use Dr. Schutz ESD Floor Cleaner or an appropriate disinfectant cleaner that does not leave any residues. This makes sure that the conductivity of the floor is best retained long- term and ensures a perfect cleaning results while saving resources.


Over 50 million square meters successfully sealed

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  • Unique conductive permanent coating
  • Restoration of conductivity and required measured values according to IEC 614340
  • Protects old and new floors
  • Remedies optical defects
  • Especially high resistance against chemicals and disinfectants
  • Cost efficient: clearly more economical than a new floor
  • Suitable for renovating sections without shut-downs (saves interruption costs)
  • Dust-free, significant reduction in maintenance cleaning costs
  • Meets and exceeds the HSE standards of low risk in both wet and dry as well as the stricter health and safety requirements of BS-7976-2.

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