Perfect Solutions for ESD Floors in Industrial Areas

Electrical discharges can cause substantial damage to electronic parts in production, which can lead to considerable damages of the manufactured products. Therefore modern factories are provided with conductive floors. ESD floors must be regularly tested for sufficient conductivity in accordance with IEC 61340-5-1:2016 and ANSI 20.20. In cases where the floor is no longer sufficiently conductive, conductivity is restored again with the Dr. Schutz ESD Floor Systems.

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Because we know how important your ESD floor is

  • Our systems have been tested and certified by many institutes to meet global standards (EPH, FIGR, MPA)
  • Are monitored and recommended by leading audit companies (God min, ESD Protect)
  • Have been installed on over 50 million square metres in industrial facilties worldwide
  • Are used in the EPA areas of most of the world’s leading electronic manufacturers, as well as the chemical, pharmaceutical and automotive industry
  • Are recommended by ESD floor manufacturers around the world

And this is how it’s done:

The problem:

Heavily worn floor with scratches and discolorations. The floor can no longer be cleaned properly and has partially or completely lost its conductivity. In the past such an ESD floor had to be replaced, which led to high costs due to the partial or total stop of the production. Now ESD floors in industrial areas can be renovated quite easily, very quickly and cost-effectively with the ESD Floor System from Dr. Schutz.

The solution:

Your ESD floor looks like new after renovation with the Dr. Schutz ESD Floor System, is conductive again and optimally protected against new damage by abrasion and chemical substances. And all of this with distinctly lower costs and in the shortest possible time! The coated floor is easier and more eco-friendly to clean in the long term. For perfect maintenance after renovation use Dr. Schutz ESD Floor Cleaner. his makes sure that the conductivity of the ESD floor is retained long-term and ensures perfect cleaning results while saving resources by using very low quantities of product.



  • The surface has lost its conductive properties
  • The floor is dull and heavily worn, with scratches and discolorations
  • Tape residues and wheel marks cannot be removed anymore

Application of transparent or coloured lacquer:

After an intensive strip-cleaning the floor is wet sanded. No dust, dirt, or noise are being produced while working. Subsequently the floor is lacquered either with ESD Base Coat, or ESD Color Base, according to the wishes of the customer. ESD Base Coat makes it possible to retain the current look of the floor, the protective coat is transparent and highly conductive. By contrast, ESD Color Base is applied when a new look of the floor is desired, or when the customer would like to have the old colour but looking like new.


On-Top coating with ESD Top Coat:

After a very short drying time for the first lacquer coat, the floor is given an additional, extremely durable and highly conductive on-top coating. This provides long-lasting protection of the floor against scratches, damage and dirt and ensures that maintenance cleaning is easier and more cost-effective in the long term. At the same time conductivity is retained.



  • The conductivity of the floor has been restored in accordance
    with IEC EN 61340-5-1 and ANSI 20.20
  • The floor looks brand new
  • The pores of the floor have been closed making the surface easy to maintain
  • Thanks to the closed surface rubber residues from wheels can be removed
    with simple daily cleaning

ESD Floor Cleaner:

  • Cleaning concentrate especially developed for ESD floors in
    collaboration with leading electronic component manufacturers
    for their floors. Suitable for daily and intensive cleaning.
  • Leaves no residues or protective film on the floor, therefore
    does not cause greying.
  • Speeds up the evaporation of water from ESD surfaces due to
    its special formula.
  • Excellent dirt binding properties even in case of fat deposits.
    Preserves the conductive properties of the ESD flooring.
  • Recommended for all types of ESD floors made of PVC and Epoxy
    resin before and after protection with the Dr Schutz ESD system.

Reference Buildings

Over 50 Million Square Metres successfully coated

Referenzen worldwide: DELL EMC, UK • Samsung, HU • Rossi Bio Fuel, HU • SIEMENS, RO •  Katek Electornic Manufacturing, HU • ECKERLE Gruppe Automotive, RO • Continental Automotive Systems, RO



  • Dust free implementation
  • No downtime in production, even larger areas can be re-coated in one day
  • No smell during implementation
  • Cost efficient compared to a new floor
  • Increased lifetime (up to 10 years)
  • Excellent conductive properties
  • High wear and tear resistance
  • High chemical resistance
  • No after care with polishes or waxes is required

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tested by leading institutes.

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