The best special treatment for your new floor!

Profit from the long-term added value of on-top coating appropriate for your building from Dr. Schutz. Your floor is protected long-term with a durable PU coating – for the perfect maintenance of value of your investments!

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Depending on the situation of the building, various PU coatings come into consideration. Your flooring professional will give you expert advice and recommend the long-term protection which provides the best solution corresponding to the situation of your building.


PU Coating for the highest durability:

Maximum durability and the best resistance to abrasion

Hermetically seals the joints

Suitable for chair castors in accordance with DIN EN 425

Areas of application: heavily used living areas | shops | hotels and gastronomy | offices and administration | nurseries, schools and sports halls



PU Coating for maximum resistance to chemicals

Highest resistance to disinfectants, dyes and plasticizers

Hermetically seals the joints

Areas of application: medical practices and hospitals | care homes | hairdressing salons | car showrooms


Slip-resistance classes individually selected for every area

R9, R10 or R11 in accordance with the stipulations of the Health & Safety Executive (HSE)


Areas of application: entrance areas | stairs | washrooms | tea-kitchens | canteens and many more.


Individual gloss grades as desired


satin matt

ultra matt

extra matt

All application areas

Reference buildings

Over 50 million square metres successfully coated

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There are diverse advantages of PU coating which fulfills the requirements of a building:

  • distinctly longer lifetime of the floor
  • distinctly better visual appearance over many years, as the PU coating provides optimal protection of the
    floor against mechanical damage and stains from aggressive chemicals
  • distinctly lower cleaning costs: no more annual strip-cleaning and new initial care, the dirt is removed more easily over time and with less use of cleaning products
  • hygienic surfaces for sensitive areas, e.g. the area of health care, for schools and nurseries, due to the hermetic sealing of joints
  • Anti-slip safety: the requirements of the HSE are met and exceeded

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