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Flyer and Brochures

Dr. Schutz Simply the best for floors in sport and fitness
Dr. Schutz Permanent Coatings_Simply the best for floors in nursing homes
Dr. Schutz Permanentcoatings for floor in healthcare enviroments
Dr. Schutz SCRATCHFIX folder: we cannot “un-scratch” bu we can conceal 
Dr. Schutz Waxnomor System brochure
Perfect Solution for  ESD Floors – ESD Industrial brochure
Perferct Solution for ESD Floors – ESD Healthcare brochure
Perfectly chipped in a short time – Chipper Pro
Dr. Schutz PU NEO brochure 2018
Dr.Schutz floor remake brochure health&care
Dr.Schutz floor remake brochure municipal sector
Dr. Schutz Folder UV Sealer “Perfect for quick renovations”
Dr. Schutz New Products 2018
Dr. Schutz Packing List (for a perferct finish job) 2018
Dr. Schutz AntiSlip Broschuere GB/IRE/US 2017
Dr. Schutz System “The perfect solution for every floor”
Dr. Schutz Design Floors & Maintenance
5 valuable tips for your safety and your customer‘s satisfaction
Terraces and outdoor brochure
Wooden floors brochure
Resilient and carpet floors brochure
Dr. Schutz PU System “Simply the best for every project”
PU Design Collection brochure
scratchnomore Brochure
Dr. Schutz FloorMat P+K mat
Dr. Schutz CleanStrip
Dr. Schutz Grit brush adapter types
Dr. Schutz Matrix Abrasives Materials
Dr. Schutz Perfect Preparation of Floors (Before the application of Dr. Schutz surface finishes)
Dr. Schutz AntiSlip Broschuere GB/IRE/US 2017

Matrix Productinfo

Dr. Schutz Productinfo Professional GB
Dr. Schutz Producinfo Retail/Domestic GB
Dr. Schutz Productinfo Professional US
Dr. Schutz Productinfo Retail/Domestic

Winner 2020 German Hospital Management Award - MK Krankenhaus Award Winner